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Hotels in Jasna, Low Tatras On-line Booking

★★★★★ - rating 4.7 based on 59 reviews of particular hotels.

Accommodation in Jasna, Low Tatras - Hotels, Pensions, Apartments

Apartment Hotel Liptovsky Dvor ****, Liptovsky Jan

Apartment Hotel Liptovsky Dvor Hotel Liptovsky Dvor in Janska dolina - Low Tatras (Nizke Tatry) operates as an apartment hotel built as a compound of fifteen stylish wooden cottages inspired by regional Slovak folk architecture.
Double room from: 198 EUR online booking »
★★★★★ - Apartment Hotel Liptovsky Dvor rating based on 1 reviews.

Hotel Partizan ****, Tale

Hotel Partizan Our guests appreciate pleasant family atmosphere and professionalism of our employees in the hotel Partizan Tale. Therefore most of them visit us again with expectations what we have prepared for them for their next visit of Low Tatras (NIzke Tatry).
Double room from: 147 EUR online booking »
★★★★★ - Hotel Partizan rating based on 2 reviews.

Chalets Jasna DE LUXE ****, Demanovska Dolina

Chalets Jasna DE LUXE Chalets de Luxe are situated right at a ski slope of the centre Jasna - Zahradky, so that the lower cableway station is only some meters away from you - skiers.
Double room from: 137 EUR online booking »

Hotel FIS Jasna ****, Demanovska Dolina

Hotel FIS Jasna Hotel FIS Jasna offering a fantastic doorstep skiing only 20 meters from the nearest ski lifts for Chopok Jasna - Lukova.
Double room from: 130 EUR online booking »

Hotel Chopok ****, Demanovska Dolina

Hotel Chopok The newly opened luxurious Wellness Hotel Chopok **** in the Low Tatras will please the most demanding clients thanks to its design and the high quality of its services.
Double room from: 100 EUR online booking »

Hotel Tri Studnicky ****, Demanovska Dolina

Hotel Tri Studnicky Mountain hotel Tri Studnicky in Demanovska dolina is situated 6 km from the centre of Jasna - Low Tatras and 6 km from Liptovsky Mikulas.
Double room from: 94 EUR online booking »
★★★★★ - Hotel Tri Studnicky rating based on 1 reviews.

Hotel Ostredok ***, Demanovska Dolina

Hotel Ostredok Hotel Ostredok is situated in the most beautiful part of the Low Tatras, in the Jasna valley. The surrounding offers possibilities for winter and summer recreation.
Double room from: 88 EUR online booking »
★★★★ - Hotel Ostredok rating based on 1 reviews.

Apartments KONGEN , Demanovska Dolina

Apartments KONGEN Newly built Apartment house KONGEN is located in the center of Jasna ski resort, directly at the lower station of new 6-seat chairl lift Lucky - Jasna.
Double room from: 72 EUR online booking »

Hotel Grand ****, Demanovska Dolina

Hotel Grand Four-star mountain hotel Grand Jasna is situated in the centre of Jasna, 1100 m above see level, 200 m from ski lifts and cableways of the ski centre Otupne.
Double room from: 63 EUR online booking »
★★★★ - Hotel Grand rating based on 8 reviews.

Hotel Srdiecko ***, Srdiecko, Chopok

Hotel Srdiecko Hotel Srdiecko*** is situated in Low Tatras, on the South side of Chopok, in absolute altitude of 1213 m above sea level, directly in Chopok South Ski Center.
Double room from: 59 EUR online booking »

Hotel Ski & Wellness Residence Druzba ****, Demanovska Dolina

Hotel Ski & Wellness Residence Druzba Hotel Druzba in Demanovska Dolina, Low Tatras is the most favourite and most desirable hotel in Jasna with excellent tasteful kitchen.
Double room from: 55 EUR online booking »
★★★★ - Hotel Ski & Wellness Residence Druzba rating based on 12 reviews.

Hotel Polovnik ***, Demanovska dolina

Hotel Polovnik Hotel Polovnik in Demanovska Dolina is located in beautiful mountain surroundings of Low Tatras, 1 km far from the ski resort Ziarce and 8 km from skiing centre Jasna, near to thermal spas Besenova.
Double room from: 55 EUR online booking »

Hotel Mikulasska Chata ***+, Demanovska Dolina

Hotel Mikulasska Chata Hotel Mikulasska Chata is located in a ski resort Jasna, in a beautiful surroundings of the Low Tatras.
Double room from: 51 EUR online booking »
★★★★ - Hotel Mikulasska Chata rating based on 5 reviews.

Hotel Fim ***, Demanovska Dolina

Hotel Fim Hotel Fim is located in the centre of Low Tatras (Nizke Tatry) - Demanovska dolina valley, straight below the main entrance into the most beautiful and well-known Slovak cave - Jaskyna Slobody.
Double room from: 50 EUR online booking »

Hotel Bystrina ***, Demanovska Dolina

Hotel Bystrina Hotel Bystrina in Demanovska Dolina is situated in the Low Tatras, near to town Liptovsky Mikulas and 8 km far from skiing center Jasna.
Double room from: 37 EUR online booking »

Hotel Sorea Maj ***, Liptovsky Jan

Hotel Sorea Maj Hotel Sorea Maj in Liptovsky Jan is situated in the exquisite scenery of the Low Tatras National Park at the entry to the Janska valley, one of the most scenic valleys in the Low Tatra Mountains.
Double room from: 36 EUR online booking »

Hotel Sorea SNP ***, Demanovska Dolina

Hotel Sorea SNP Hotel Sorea SNP in Jasna pod Chopkom is situated in Demanovska Valley, which is popular for its excellent ski conditions at Jasna Ski Centre and for the unique Demanovske caves complex.
Double room from: 31 EUR online booking »
★★★★ - Hotel Sorea SNP rating based on 7 reviews.

Hotel Sorea Marmot **, Demanovska Dolina

Hotel Sorea Marmot Hotel Sorea Marmot is located in the skiing and tourist centre in the Low Tatras National Park in Demanovska Dolina, near to the valley station of the cabin cable-car of the Jasna winter centre.
Double room from: 31 EUR online booking »
★★★★ - Hotel Sorea Marmot rating based on 3 reviews.

Hotel Sorea Dumbier **, Liptovsky Jan

Hotel Sorea Dumbier Hotel Sorea Dumbier is situated in one of the loveliest valleys of the Low Tatras National Park, in Janska valley, near the community of Liptovsky Jan, which is one of the most attractive localities of the Liptov region.
Double room from: 24 EUR online booking »

Hotel Liptov **, Demanovska Dolina

Hotel Liptov Two-star hotel Liptov located in the centre of Jasna, 1200 m a.s.l., 200 m from the ski resort Jasna - Otupne, close to an astonishing lake Vrbicke pleso.
Double room from: 21 EUR online booking »
★★★★★ - Hotel Liptov rating based on 6 reviews.

Bungalows Jasna Lucky **, Demanovska Dolina

Bungalows Jasna Lucky Bungalows are situated in the beautiful surroundings of Low Tatras - Demanovsk Valley location Lucky, close to the biggest ski resort of Jasna in Slovakia.
Double room from: 14 EUR online booking »
★★★★ - Bungalows Jasna Lucky rating based on 3 reviews.

Hubert Cottage , Demanovska Dolina

Hubert Cottage Hubert Cottage is located at the end of the Demanovska valley, in the centre of Ski Jasna resort, the best ski centre in Slovakia, 300 meters away from a newly built four-seat ski lift Biela Put.

Double room from: 12 EUR online booking »