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Hotel Kralova , Zvolen, Slovakia

Hotel Kralova - description up

Location: Zvolen, 7 km south of the town of Zvolen

Address: RSA Kralova, Cesta nad Kralovou 9, 960 01 Zvolen

Description: Hotel Kralova is situated 7 km south of the town of Zvolen, on the hillsides of the Javorie Mountains.
The holiday area itself is spread in the open sunny valley at an altitude of approximately 800m above the sea level.
The hotel itself, the SKI-cottage and the ski lifts are the basis of this area. Hotel Kralova near to Zvolen has the capacity of 65 persons.

Hotel amenities: Restaurant, Bar, Dining hall, Training room, Reception room, Pool, Sauna, Summer terrace, 5 ski lifts, Rental of sporting goods, Firepalce

Hotel services: courses and company's presentations, weddings and various parties (school balls, meetings…)

Activities/Attractions: 5 ski lifts TATRAPOMA, mutually interconnected with a capacity of 3000 skiers per hour, treated ski slopes, rental of sporting goods (sleighs, bob-sleighs, skis, snowboards), rental of snowmobiles and four-wheelers for special customers.
Horse riding and driving the four-wheelers, country balls, funfests, trips and observing the scenery, picking forest fruits, mushrooms.

We currently don't offer accommodation in the Hotel Kralova, concerning a booking made through Ltd., please contact us by phone or email.