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Spa House Banik , Bojnice, Prievidza, Slovakia

Spa House Banik  - Bojnice

Spa House Banik - description up

Location: Bojnice, in Bojnice Spa

Address: Kupele Bojnice a.s., 972 01 Bojnice

Description: Spa House Banik in Bojnice is situated in the heart of Slovakia, in the area of Bojnice Spa, near to Bojnice Castle.
Bojnice Spa is a peaceful resort that thanks to its geographic location, climate and water composition provides ideal conditions for the curative tratmen processes, regeneratin and the reast of its guests. Location of Bojnice Spa out of the city transport and the pleasant atmosphere of the spa parks create an optomail situation for the curative treatment and the substantially contribute to both the physical and psychical relaxation.
Spa House Banik Bojnice provides accomodation in single and double rooms of the first category with full board enriched with special diets (vegetarian, vegan, dissociated, etc.).

Hotel amenities: Coffee-bar, outdoor thermal swimming pool, tennis courts

Activities/Attractions: spa procedures, sight-seeing, hiking, cycling, fishing

We currently don't offer accommodation in the Spa House Banik, concerning a booking made through Ltd., please contact us by phone or email.