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Hotels in Zvolen On-line Booking

★★★★★ - rating 4.8 based on 6 reviews of particular hotels.

Accommodation in Zvolen - Hotels, Pensions, Apartments

Hotel Kaskady ****, Sliac

Hotel Kaskady A large resort of the Kaskady Hotel is situated near the town of Sliac. This area is well known with rising thermal springs. A natural source of mineral water, which acts favourably in chronic and inflammatory diseases of the locomotive organs, fills hotel pools.
Double room from: 126 EUR online booking »

Hotel Franko ***, Zvolen

Hotel Franko Hotel Franko is situated in the Zvolen town centre. Hotel offers accommodation in pleasantly furnished and light rooms that provide comfort to their visitors - business travellers or families with children.
Double room from: 65 EUR online booking »
★★★★ - Hotel Franko rating based on 4 reviews.

Pension Franko **, Zvolen

Pension Franko Pension Franko is situated near the pedestrian precinct in a quiet town centre of Zvolen.
Double room from: 51 EUR online booking »
★★★★★ - Pension Franko rating based on 2 reviews.