Mining Museum Roznava, Slovakia

Mining Museum Roznava

Address: Safarikova 31, 048 01 Roznava
Opening hours: Tu-Fr: 8.00-16.00

Description: Mining Museum in Roznava is located in the centre of the town.
Mining Museum Roznava was established in 1902.
Mining Museum is the specialized mining and metallurgical museum of Gemer.
Headquarters of the museum is situated in a historical building (1782) which served as the operational part of Mark's manufacture until 1925.
Exposition of the museum includes collection from mining and metallurgy, archaeology, history, art history, history of technology, geology and mineralogy.
The Exhibition of Regional History
The Exhibition of Mining and Metallurgy of Gemer
The Exhibition of the Nature of the Slovak Karst and Adjoining Areas
The Exhibition of Fine Art