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Park Hotel Tartuf ****, Beladice, Nitra, Slovakia

★★★★★ - Park Hotel Tartuf rating 5 based on 1 reviews of the Park Hotel Tartuf.

Park Hotel Tartuf **** - description up

Location: Beladice, in Beladice, near to Nitra

Address: Kastiel Beladice, Pusty Chotar 495, 951 75 Beladice

Description: Park Hotel Tartuf is situated in Beladice, only 15 km far from Nitra, using new highway R1 (exit Beladice) it takes only 10 min.
The Manor-House at Beladice was built by the Jesenskys aristocratic family around 1820 and another aristocratic family of the Sziranyii - Otomos used it as their residence. At the present the object in its original artistic and historical shape makes the best of its premises, fill them up with adequate social and cultural events.
Hotel Tartuf offers luxurious accommodation in fully renovated rooms and suites (81 beds), delicious meal, drinks and specialities in an air-conditioned restaurant, a stylish coffee-bar with a summer terrace and lobby bar, transport with own minibus. Park Hotel Tartuf, the Manor-House, and the adjacent park are cultural monuments of the Slovak Republic and that is its mission, to serve culture, arts, social events and provide agreeable atmosphere for vacation.

Hotel amenities: Restaurant, Coffee bar, Lobby bar, Saloons, Halls, Wellness center (indoor swimming pool with whirlpool, whirlpool outdoor, 2 saunas, massages, fitness, golf simulator), Parking place

Hotel services: congresses, symposiums, workshops, trainings, business negotiations and social or gastronomic events (rauts, feasts, banquets, wedding parties, jubilee parties, etc.)

Activities/Attractions: Sight-seeing

We currently don't offer accommodation in the Park Hotel Tartuf, concerning a booking made through Ltd., please contact us by phone or email.