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Hotels in Mala Fatra On-line Booking

★★★★★ - rating 4.6 based on 5 reviews of particular hotels.

Accommodation in Mala Fatra - Hotels, Pensions, Apartments

Hotel Gold ***, Terchova

Hotel Gold Hotel Gold in Terchova is situated in the Slovak National Park (Mala Fatra), in the beautiful surrounding area of the Vratna Valley (Vratna Dolina) mountains that is one of the most significant hiking and skiing resorts in Slovakia.
Double room from: 68 EUR online booking »
★★★★ - Hotel Gold rating based on 2 reviews.

Hotel Boboty ***, Vratna

Hotel Boboty Hotel Boboty, Vratna is located in the Mala Fatra National Park, which lies in the Vratna valley at the foot of the southern part of Boboty peak.
Double room from: 52 EUR online booking »
★★★★★ - Hotel Boboty rating based on 1 reviews.