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Hotels in Levoca On-line Booking

★★★★★ - rating 4.7 based on 7 reviews of particular hotels.

Accommodation in Levoca - Hotels, Pensions, Apartments

Hotel Stela ****, Levoca

Hotel Stela Hotel STELA Levoca is situated in the heart of urban conservation included in the UNESCO, the main square near the Church of Sv. Jacob with the tallest wooden Gothic altar in the world.
Double room from: 61 EUR online booking »
★★★★★ - Hotel Stela rating based on 1 reviews.

Hotel U Leva ***, Levoca

Hotel U Leva The Hotel "U Leva" (At the Sign of the Lion) is in a newly restored medieval house in the centre of Levoca, Slovakia (Central Europe).
Double room from: 44 EUR online booking »
★★★★★ - Hotel U Leva rating based on 1 reviews.

Arkada Hotel ***, Levoca

Arkada Hotel The Arkada hotel providing cosy accommodation and offering tasty cuisine is situated in the main square Namestie Majstra Pavla in the centre of Levoca.
Double room from: 42 EUR online booking »
★★★★ - Arkada Hotel rating based on 2 reviews.

Hotel Barbakan ***, Levoca

Hotel Barbakan Hotel Barbakan is build up in burgher's house, whose history stretch back till 14. century. In these areas hotel offers scarce and attractive accommodation in centre of Levoca to all, who looks for romantic and grateful atmosphere.
Double room from: 40 EUR online booking »
★★★★★ - Hotel Barbakan rating based on 2 reviews.